Zanger’s Wholesome Prairie

Joe & Laura Zanger

1603 N. 1800th Avenue, Liberty, IL 62347
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 Zanger’s Wholesome Prairie resolves to provide their customers with the finest foods nature can give.  They strive to bring you the freshest items they produce, and nothing more.  They offer dairy, poultry, pork, beef, honey, and seasonal fruits & vegetables, all of which are produced locally on or near their farm in Liberty, Illinois.

Their milk products are produced from 100% Guernsey cows, known to be high in A2A2 proteins and beta-carotene, giving the milk products the most beautiful golden color, and packed with amazing probiotic beneficial bacteria.  Their pork is grown outside which allows the fats to absorb vitamin D via sunlight, as well as a variety of minerals from the dirt they are grown on, giving the mean amazing flavor and texture.  The beef is produced through intensive grazing and their chickens are free range.